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Diocese of Rockville Center Direct links

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Anderson, Eric Facilities & Risk Management
Arpino, Biagio Education
Avitable, Judy Facilities & Risk Management
Barlin, Neal Catholic Cemeteries
Beckmann, Donald Ecumenical & Interreligious Affairs
Blyskal, Lucy Chancery
Boller, Maureen Office for the Protection of Children & Young People
Borgersen, Ruth Tribunal
Boslet, William Vicar's for Religious
Bossart, Mary Respect Life
Bouchard, Catherine Human Resources
Brennan, Robert Vicar General & Moderator of the Curia
Browne, Sheila Worship
Callahan, Joanne Education
Cannon, Austin Youth & Young Adult Ministry
Caravella, Ellen Internal Audit
Casale, Eva Information Technology
Celeste, Dominick Facilities & Risk Management
Cella, Caroline Laity & Family
Chapin, William Facilities & Risk Management
Collins, Marianne Youth & Young Adult Ministry
Connors, Patricia Education
Coogan, Thomas Vocations
Coyne, Debbie Facilities & Risk Management
Cuite, Kyle Parish Financial Reporting
Curry, Penny Education
Dean, Anne Marie Catechesis
DeAveiro, Antoinette Education
DeFrancisci, Thomas Facilities & Risk Management
D'Elia, Neal Facilities & Risk Management
DeStefano, Anne Youth & Young Adult Ministry
DeVoe, Debbie Propagation of the Faith & Mission Office
Dolan, Sean Public Information
Eagan, Kathleen Education
Falanga, Maureen Treasury
Fantry, Dave Parish Financial Reporting
Fergus, Patricia Clergy Personnel
Figliozzi, Richard New Evangelization
Finn, Joan Mary Catechesis
Fitzgerald, Maryanne Chancery
Flanagan, Michael Facilities & Risk Management
Fusco-Zaid, Therese Chancery
Gatz, Carol Tribunal
Gorman, Alycia Laity & Family
Granell, Marina Facilities & Risk Management
Greier, Terry Vicars for Religious
Guerin, Christine Chancery
Guglielmone, Robert Clergy Personnel
Gutierrez, Teresa Hispanic Ministry
Hanley, Lauren Laity & Family
Holmes, Cindy Catechesis
Hooper, Livia Human Resources
Howe, Helen Tribunal
Keller, Lois Tribunal
Lasky, Joan Laity & Family &
Lok, Corinne Laity & Family
Lombardi, Rita Propagation of the Faith & Mission Office
Lynch, Nora Education
Lynch, Terry Catechesis
McArdle, Patricia Tribunal
McDonald, Lorraine Education
McGuigan, Mary Vicar General's Office
Mihic, Kathryn Bishop's Office
Monahan, Michael Human Resources
Montalbano, Karen Public Information &
Morrissey, Robert Bishop’s Office
Morro, Marie Central Services
Murphy, Kevin Administration
Murphy, Bishop William Bishop's Office
Naaze, Michael Information Technology
Natale, Anthony Facilities & Risk Management
O'Brien, Joanne Education
Padilla, Diana Propagation of the Faith & Mission Office
Parker, Dorothy Administration
Perez-Yepez, Ruth Hispanic Ministry
Pettigrew, Colleen Human Resources
Polik-Gunther, Mary Human Resources
Puglisi, Eileen Office for the Protection of Children & Young People
Ramos, Manuel J. Hispanic Ministry
Rand, George Catechesis
Ray, Bridget Facilities & Risk Management
Reich, Linda Laity & Family
Reynolds, Patricia Human Resources
Rich, Tom Tribunal
Rossi, Carol Facilities & Risk Management
Russo, Mary Education
Ryan, Sally Catechesis
Savage, Jeanne Catechesis
Scaduto, Maureen Treasury & Information Technology
Schreck, Patricia Laity & Family
Scott, Betty Campus Ministry
Sheppard, Gene Treasury
Small, Al Human Resources
Stare, Cathy Education
Stiglic, Claire Laity & Family
Stillwell, Elaine Laity & Family
Sullivan, Rose Vocations &
Sweeny, Edward Tribunal
Tellis, Diana Respect Life
Tuzzolino, Toni Tribunal
Vella, Diane Laity & Family
Vetrano, Lucille Education
Walsh, Anne Bishop's Office
Walsh, Jean Diocesan Archives
Walsh, Bishop Paul Western Vicariate
Wcela, Bishop Emil Eastern Vicariate
White, Dave Human Resources
White, Rosa Chancery
Whitfield, Laurie Stewardship
Willi, Madeline Respect Life
Wojtczack, Dirk Facilities & Risk Management
Young, Janice Education

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 "War destroys. And we must cry out for peace.
Peace sometimes gives the idea of stillness, but it is never stillness.
It is always an active peace.
I think that everyone must be committed in the matter of peace,
to do everything that they can,
what I can do from here.
Peace is the language we must speak."
Pope Francis



                                            ~Pope FRANCIS