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Nuclear Calendar

Dear friend,

Thank you for the actions you’ve taken this year to help move the world toward Nuclear Zero.  As the year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve achieved, and also look at the challenges ahead. Of primary importance is continuing to support the Marshall Islands and its Nuclear Zero lawsuits against all nine nuclear-armed nations.

As a consultant to the Marshall Islands, we have built a strong consortium of civil society organizations around a shared vision for peace and nuclear disarmament. The consortium includes Greenpeace, Free the Children and Physicians for Social Responsibility, to name just a few. (Visit to see the full list.) Such strong and united support will let world leaders know that people everywhere seek a world free from the threat of nuclear devastation.

But we need your continued support and generosity if we are to succeed in this unprecedented initiative. Your tax-deductible donation will:

  • Create multi-media advocacy campaigns that educate, engage, advocate and activate the public toward reaching Nuclear Zero.
  • Coordinate essential legal actions, strategies and tactics with the international and U.S. legal teams, potential plaintiff countries, and leaders of the Marshall Islands.
  • Engage the 68,000 members of our Action Alert Network, putting organized pressure on political leaders to advance concrete policies toward nuclear disarmament.

Imagine if every one of us were to give $15 (the amount the U.S. spends on nuclear weapons every 0.008 seconds). We could raise enough funds to support our efforts for the whole year.  So please consider giving $5, $15, even $100 or whatever you can today.


Each of us can make a difference. Each of us can have a say. Each of us can add his or her voice so that we speak as one, calling out for Nuclear Zero.

Thanks again for caring and for making a difference with your contribution.

Wishing you peaceful holidays,

David Krieger




David Krieger
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

P.S. For a donation of $100 or more, we will happily send you a new edition of our inspiring quotation book, Speaking of Peace.


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 "War destroys. And we must cry out for peace.
Peace sometimes gives the idea of stillness, but it is never stillness.
It is always an active peace.
I think that everyone must be committed in the matter of peace,
to do everything that they can,
what I can do from here.
Peace is the language we must speak."
Pope Francis



                                            ~Pope FRANCIS