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Youth Counter Recruitment




Defedralize NY's National Guard

Dear friend in peace,
As you know Pax Christi Long Island has been working  for several years with other peace groups to protest the military's aggressive recruiting strategies, preying on the young people and minorities in our communities.
A large demonstration is being planned for Saturday, May 2nd at 2pm at the Franklin Mills Mall just outside of Philadelphia, PA, home of the Army Experience Center, a 15,000  sq.ft. army recruiting center in the mall. The Army is using this new  exhibit as a model for other recruiting centers. The exhibit is like a huge arcade.  Kids (as young as 13) can see what it's like to sit  inside a real humvee, tank, apache helicopter and get first hand experience killing the enemy, and being killed themselves (not sure how that works).
To get a good idea of this project ,just google The Army Experience Center in Philadelphia and you will see why it is important to demonstrate at this site. The long term goal is to shut down this center and make sure another one does not open anywhere else.
Since last summer's mall tour, we have gained some insights regarding mall actions and should feel right at home there.  If you are interested in going to the demo, please contact Karen of the Suffolk Peace Network. She  will  arrange a van or bus to go, depending on the number of participants. Please let her know as soon as possible so arrangements can be made. You can call Karen  at 631-875-8647 (leave a message) or email her  at  For those who are not up to speed for marches, this would be less of a challenge as the bus would bring us directly to and from the mall.

Dear members and supporters,

In the upcoming weeks, Veterans For Peace Long Island will be focusing upon “reminding” the approximate 24 high schools** (numbers change from year to year) on Long Island that administers the ASVAB that they have a responsibility to protect the privacy of their students. Here is some background information that you should know.


Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

High School Juniors and Seniors from across the country are encouraged by school counselors to take this 3 ½ hour test (termed a Career Exploration Program) because they are told it will help them decide what career to pursue later in life.

In actuality, the military uses ASVAB to do targeted recruitment of young people. Recruiters give special attention to students in the 11th or 12th grade who meet minimum standards - what they refer to as "pre-qualified leads." They use test information (scores, name, address, etc.) to identify and reach young people they hope to sign up. Recruiters contact these young people by letters, phone calls, and visits to home and school. Students may receive calls from recruiters even if they say they are not interested in joining the military.

Do students have to give personal information on the test form?

Yes, if the student wants the test to be scored. Before taking the test, students are required to sign a form (known as a "waiver") that allows the military to keep any information provided on the form (contact information and scores) and to use it in various ways. If the student does not include all the information asked for and sign the waiver, the test won't be processed.

Who gets test scores?

The military grades the test. They will send a copy of the scores to the student and the school counselor. In most cases - unless a school decides not to allow the release of any scores to military recruiters - local military recruiters are automatically given a copy of scores and the other information provided on the forms. Local recruiters receive a form known as the ASVAB Recruiter Service Printout. It contains a list of students who took the test, their scores, contact information (name, grade, sex, address, and phone number), and information about the students' plans after graduation.

Can a school give the ASVAB test without having scores released to local military recruiters?

Yes. Schools have eight options regarding the release of test information. At one end of the spectrum is "Option 8. No release to recruiters." Recruiters would not receive a printout of students' scores. The default option for schools is known as "Option 1. No special instructions." Under this option, recruiters are free to obtain scores and use them however they wish. In between these two extremes are a number of options specifying when recruiters may receive full information or whether they will be given access to phone numbers. Unfortunately, school officials are usually not made aware of options other than the default (Option 1).

· If your school gives the ASVAB, ask that students be clearly told that they don't have to take it. The school should be asked to provide students with some other place to go if classrooms are being used for testing.
· Ask your principal to protect students' privacy by keeping the test results from recruiters. This means that the school must tell the military before the test is given that it is choosing "ASVAB Option 8." If a school chooses this option, students who want their scores to go to the military can still permit them to go to recruiters on an individual basis. (The military provides a special permission form for such requests.) However, it doesn't work the other way around. If a school chooses to release information to recruiters, this information will be handed over for all students.

If you would like to work with our Truth in Recruiting Committee (TRC) on this and other projects to protect our children from high powered and oftentimes deceitful recruiting practices, please contact me or Karen Sackett (our TRC coordinator) at We could use your help. Talk and complaining gets us nowhere. It’s time for action.

We would like to have a meeting some time early next week if possible.

We do it because it’s right. We do it because we must.

Mac Bica
Coordinator, VFPLI

Brentwood Sonderling
Baldwin HS
Centereach HS
Central Islip HS
Commack HS
Connetquot HS
Deer Park HS
E L Vandermeiden HS
East Hampto HS
East Islip HS
East Meadow HS
General Douglas McArthur HS
Hauppauge HS
Lindernhurst HS
Miller Place HS
Newfield HS
Sachem HS East Campus
Schem HS North Lake
Shelter Isladn HS
Valley Stream Central HS
Valley Stream South HS
West Hempstead HS
West Hampton Beach HS
Smithtown Christian School HS

Dear Peace friend,

Here is a direct action you can take to alert parents of high school students that their contact information is delivered to the Dept. of Defense, as built into the “No Child Left Behind” regulations.

This is the time of year when the new school calendar and packet of school information arrive in your mailbox. Somewhere in there might be a notice about “Release of Directory Information to the Military.”

This notice will explain briefly that contact information relating to high school students will be given to the Department of Defense, unless a written statement by a parent or guardian is submitted to the school by a particular date.
Once the military recruiters receive the contact information, they can be relentless in their mission to sign up recruits. The Department of Defense relies heavily upon high school students to fill the major portion of their quota of recruits each year.  The DOD goal is to sign up students in the Delayed Enlistment Program and then have the students take the official enlistment step as soon as possible after graduation.

 a)  Information about the opt-out is not easy to locate either in the calendar or among the many

     notices sent and many parents are not even on the lookout for it.

b) Some parents may feel uneasy writing a letter to the school, fearing that there might be

 Important Action You Can Take

Visit your high school on open school night
and distribute copies of the flyer (see attachment) which has questions and answers and a sample opt-out form as well as information about the ASVAB test.  A Spanish version will be available soon.
Open school night is our best opportunity to reach the most number of parents and students
with this information that can actually be a matter of life or death.
Check your school calendar or call your school
to find out the deadline for the opt-out form in your district.  Add that date to the flyer
so that parents have that very important information.
 If you would like additional information or help distributing the flyer, call  

Sheila  (631 427-5823) or  Karen( 631  875 8647)


 "War destroys. And we must cry out for peace.
Peace sometimes gives the idea of stillness, but it is never stillness.
It is always an active peace.
I think that everyone must be committed in the matter of peace,
to do everything that they can,
what I can do from here.
Peace is the language we must speak."
Pope Francis



                                            ~Pope FRANCIS